Riding the Big Data Wave!

Ticker Cardiology Brand Ambassador, Ethan Ewing, is through to the Rip Curl World Surfing League (WSL) finals at Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California, USA.

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    Ethan Ewing

    Ticker Cardiology Brand Ambassador

    Ethan has a winning combination of smooth, powerful and mistake-free rail surfing steeped in influence from surfing’s most renowned style masters.   Like us, Ethan is not fazed by the big data wave heading our way…. Get on Ticker Cardiology, embrace the challenge and get back time to go surf your own wave


           Ethan Ewing with Ticker Cardiology Founder, Tim Eller

           On location Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia




A truly cloud-based PACS for review, report, distribution and archiving



Qualified cardiac physiologists using intelligent tools to provide efficient arrhythmia diagnostics



First-class remote monitoring of your patient's pacemaker by Australia’s largest independent group of cardiac physiologists



Access to our tools and support for students, universities and tertiary hospitals


Despite being able to adequately oppose his thumb and fingers for writing, Tim will not double handle data by filling out worksheets, which is ok because since he has invented Ticker he doesn’t have to.

Tim Eller

Founder and CTO (Complete Task Once)

Chief Heart Sparky from a galaxy far, far away… and near also. Jason writes our book on Remote monitoring and is the only person we know who can make electrophysiology fun.

Jason Riley

MA (MAsynchronicity)

Can be annoying as he loves to ask dumb questions! He will find a way to make you do multiple things in half the time. Your dogs will love you for it…

Matt Faint

MD (Master of the Dumb question)

Scott translates our customer's wishes into zeroes and wonz..

Scott Mackenzie

BS (Backlog Smasher)

Gets our team messages out clear and loud.

Sarah Kurth

OT (Obliterates Tautology)

Keeps our team on the rails… borrringggg! Not Fiona, being on rails is.

Fiona Fordyce

CFO  (Can we Fund Our Ideas)

Kam will get your echo lab hooked up, locked in and smoothed out. Kam has worked in every clinic situation imaginable across the globe….test him with any crazy request and just brace yourself for the answer!

Kam Aldridge

AE (Application Expert)

Alias Buzz Lightyear.....know to call you back with a fix in seconds.

Caitlin Cox

CSM (Customer Success Manager)

Tash puts the multi in tasking…. and the smooth in transition

Natasha Amorosi

ACSM (Another Customer Success Manager)

Toby has the record for the fastest echo report returned to the referring Dr at a site > 500 km from the nearest capital city (2 minutes… Ticker and Wind assisted).

Toby Laakso

AAE (Another Application Expert)